Poblenou’s Captivating Mural

Mural Poblenou

Street Art in Poblenou | Julio Arreaza

Guess what day of the week it is! Our #MondaySuggestion this week is #MuyAlt. This time, we suggest a visit to a wall pertaining to the unique street art that is very characteristic and representative of Poblenou. It’s found in an abandoned park on the corner of Calle Selva de Mar and Calle Veneçuela. It’s worth it to go take a look, and to explore the wall and its surrounding area, especially since its filled with art on all sides. The best time to visit and to go appreciate the magnificent murals of Poblenou is at sunset. Enjoy!

How to get there:

  • Metro: L4 (Selva de Mar)
  • Bus: 26

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Neighborhood Strength in the Form of Street Art

Situated in the Barcelona district Sant Martí, the Poblenous neighborhood was the area with the highest industrial concentration in Catalonia at the end of the 19th century. During the last few years, this place has progressively transformed its streets and buildings into improvised canvases on which the likes of artists Sebastien Waknine, Fabrizio Bianchini (Jupiterfab) and Stefano Phen have expressed themselves and created works of art. Nowadays, this neighborhood is one of Barcelona’s most active and dynamic, in addition to being a cultural and artistic point of reference thanks to the constant transformation it’s recently undergone. Its streets are a mix of styles and cultures, where locals and tourists share the industrial and cosmopolitan essence of the zone that has been transformed into the Catalan capital of Street Art.


Street Food During the Poblenou Open Day Event | Julio Arreaza

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The Dolls of Barcelona

There are many located throughout the city… They gaze upon the people lost in their thoughts who pass through their streets, in their own world, without moving. Their physical characteristics are like those of real people, but not a peep is heard from their mouths. From their faces, not even an ounce of emotion. And from their joints, not a single movement. They spend the entirety of their days there, through empty eyes.


Plaza de Pons y Clerch, Barcelona | Federica Zolla

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