A Sunday Tasting of Octopus

A sunny Sunday is the perfect day to get lost among Barcelona’s unique neighborhoods, el Raval in particular. Strolling through one of its narrow side streets, Calle Botella to be exact, the sound of electronic music and the rich smell of octopus rise. You’ve reached the perfect place to enjoy your weekend – and in a uniquely different way.


Platitos de pulpo | Pulpada Electrónica

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Riga, an Unknown Treasure

Alt Experience, along with other groups of the 5th edition of UAB’s Master in Travel Journalism, met for one of the most awaited sessions throughout the course: that of the destination lottery. Glasgow, Berlin, Sofia, Naples, Riga and Marrakech were the proposed sites and everyone was full of nerves, ready to launch their travel projects.

We were selected to draw as the fifth of six teams. With only Riga and Naples left, we had a fifty-fifty chance of selecting the location we knew we’d love to spend our travel time and, as fate, luck or whatever else may have it, Fede hurriedly opened the envelope to flash us the name of the Latvian capital, RIGA!


Travel to Riga

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Welcome to Alt Experience!

We invite you to join us on our journeys…

…and we’ll have many!

We understand that it’s essential to take different views into account when sizing-up a place and figuring out what it’s all about. Alt Experience values balance, nature and living life to the fullest in a conscious manner. Keeping this in mind, we propose new ways to travel while giving current, more conventional modes an alternative twist. Our ultimate goal is to expand this variety of options so that you can enjoy the experience of exploring the world in your own way. 

It’s our intention to introduce the world to its own self, but through an alternative lens: to observe through the eyes of those you pass when crossing the street in a neighborhood that begs to be explored. Our blog is a compilation of personal opinions, recommendations and unforgettable experiences that are shared firsthand by that new friend who has just offered to show you his favorite local market, or perhaps by the woman who insists that you enjoy a beer in the oldest, most well-known bar in town.

We provide an authentically alternative experience. And we want to share it with you.

In our blog, you’ll find several sections, each corresponding to a key on the common keyboard. It occurred to us that, ironically, the keys that we happily push so frequently are directly related to the representation of our passions, goals and careers.

Thus comes the name Alt Experience. As the title suggests, we propose new, valuable experiences through the keys that allow us to write, share or, simply put, create.

Firstly, on the #MONDAYSUGGESTION section, we provide weekly tips on plans to do in Barcelona.

In the section BARCELONAyou will find various stories concerning places, events, routes and everything in between in our beloved city of Barcelona.

In WORLD, we provide a wide array of our own personal experiences and adventures, and suggestions based on the trips of the past, present and future.

The next section is CLASSWORK, with details and info related to our roles as Masters in Travel Journalism students at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Here, you will find posts related to chats by varying experts, conferences, guides and excursions.

The section RIGA refers to any and all components of the trip on which we’ll embark as a team in summer, 2016. We’re heading to Riga, Latvia and are already incredibly excited to explore every inch of the precious Baltic city!

Next, you’ll find the WHO WE ARE section, where we give a little more detail about ourselves: our stories, visions and credentials.

And finally, CONTACT provides the opportunity to get in touch with us and to send us any comments or questions you may have.

We’re a true mix, comprised of journalists, engineers, scientists, businessmen and experts in hospitality. But we preserve the balance by connecting via common interests and characteristics; we’re multilingual globetrotters, students with an insatiable hunger to learn and communicators with a serious drive to share our discoveries. What makes our blog different? We research and explore the world in a way that differs from the normal and the expected, providing a much more personal, integrated touch. Much more..


We invite you to live and feel Alt Experience with us!