Orihuela, tu pueblo y el mío


Panoramic view of Vega Baja | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández

“In Orihuela, your town and mine…”. That’s how Elegía a la muerte de Ramón Sijé, o “Ramón Sijé’s Eulogy,” one of the most famous poems by Orihuela-born (Alicante) writer Miguel Hernández.

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Castelló: a City Between sea and Mountains


La Pau Square, with the principal theatre in the background | Balma Cabrera

A few days ago we presented you with a photo gallery of three villages in the province of Castellón, and today we will showcase the capital of this region: Castelló de la Plana. Located between the sea and the mountains, this city has a total of approximately 180,000 inhabitants and a superb quality of life.

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