La Barceloneta Seen Through a Lens

On Wednesday, May 18th, classes were conducted a little differently. We met in Barcelona’s fishing neighborhood,”la Barceloneta,” and thanks to Artisal’s direction, felt like professional photographers for a day. As students of the Masters in Travel Journalism at UAB, we spent hours capturing priceless faces, gestures, moments and experiences.

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Don Quixote’s Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that boasts of being seen in many different ways – in as many different forms as there are pairs of eyes that wander and devour its streets. One way to see Barcelona in a unique light is by taking a literary tour of the city. Many books have been based on or inspired by parts of the city and one of the best known, both nationally and internationally, is The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, written by Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, Coincidentally, this year, we celebrate the 400th year anniversary of the author’s death.


Basílica de Santa María del Mar | Juliana Maese

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Alternative Tourism: Tendency or Evolution?

Our days are full of change, linking together and becoming a storm of persistent movement in search of definition. What was used as a reference yesterday is obsolete today, and vice versa. These changes follow the line of evolution, not necessarily implying progress: time is the final judge because it shows what is feasible, in the same way that it has defined what is important in history or what is “art” in culture.


Sunset on the River Orinoco | Julio Arreaza

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