Gracia’s neighborhood through its squares (El barrio de Gracia a través de sus plazas)


Plaza del SolCreative Commons

Multicultural, attractive, popular, shameless … Gracia is a break from the busy Barcelona life. More than a neighborhood, Gracia is like a village with its own identity, or at least was until the expansion of the city ended up engulfing it and integrating its population into the capital city in the late nineteenth century.

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5 Hamburger Joints You Didn’t Know Existed (But That You Should Visit Now)

The classic gourmet hamburger is increasingly becoming all the rage in cities around the world, captivating tourists and locals alike with its exotic cheeses, richly-flavored sauces, caramelized veggies and substitutive options, making it a hit for any type of eater. And Barcelona, never the aloof one, is fully aware. As a result, you can find a large array of restaurants specializing in just about any type of hamburger, accompanied by ever-so-tempting french fries, around the city – and many have had considerable success, developing high levels of fame and visitors.

But there are some burger spots that are on the lesser-known side, a handful of divine joints that pass “under the radar,” but that are growing in popularity and followers. Perhaps they don’t appear as the “top” options on touristic reference sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, but this doesn’t mean that the quality they offer suffers – quite the opposite, in fact. What’s more, some boast incredible ambiances that, if visited in the right moment, are often uninterrupted by outside crowds (which will undoubtedly flock upon realizing these secret treasures exist). These are just a few reasons why it’s totally worth it to pass by and snag a bite. Onwards and bon appetit!

Vespa Burgerbar 2.jpg

One of Vespa Burger Bar’s Tasty Numbers |

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Running Barcelona: How to Discover Its Treasures Step-by-Step

There’s no more revealing, memorable or purely human way to see a city than by taking it in stride by stride, even when you’ve spent a significant amount of time living there. The exciting sensation that characterizes the discovery of what undeniably belongs to you and your “home base” is even more intense when that city is Barcelona. We are certain that running is the best way to truly see it in detail, to view its exuberant gardens through a symbolic magnifying glass, take in its impactful architecture, its bars brimming with energy, and to observe the exciting streets that compose this magical city. As a result, we bring you four running routes through which to see the city: some more urban, others on the wilder side and even one that promises a view of the Catalan capital from impressive heights. Tie up those laces!

Arc de Triomf.png

Arco de Triomfo at Night | Kirstin Meyerhoeffer

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