Castelló: a City Between sea and Mountains


La Pau Square, with the principal theatre in the background | Balma Cabrera

A few days ago we presented you with a photo gallery of three villages in the province of Castellón, and today we will showcase the capital of this region: Castelló de la Plana. Located between the sea and the mountains, this city has a total of approximately 180,000 inhabitants and a superb quality of life.

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Gracia’s neighborhood through its squares (El barrio de Gracia a través de sus plazas)


Plaza del SolCreative Commons

Multicultural, attractive, popular, shameless … Gracia is a break from the busy Barcelona life. More than a neighborhood, Gracia is like a village with its own identity, or at least was until the expansion of the city ended up engulfing it and integrating its population into the capital city in the late nineteenth century.

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Riga, a Fusion of Flavors

“The glutton is the least honorable individual when it comes to gastronomy, because he ignores its principle element: the sublime art of it is in chewing!”

Honoré de Balzac

Latvia is situated in northern Europe, bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south and Russia to the east, and the influence of each of these countries has always been present in the Latvian capital. In order to get to know Riga – the city our team will visit mid-July – a little better, and to observe how it is influenced by other countries, we bring you a post focusing on one of the strongest pillars of international culture: gastronomy.


Riga, Latvia | Creative Commons

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