Orihuela, tu pueblo y el mío


Panoramic view of Vega Baja | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández

“In Orihuela, your town and mine…”. That’s how Elegía a la muerte de Ramón Sijé, o “Ramón Sijé’s Eulogy,” one of the most famous poems by Orihuela-born (Alicante) writer Miguel Hernández.

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The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick is a traveling exposition that is currently being held in the city of Barcelona (Cúpula Events CC Arenas) in which North American artist Nathan Sawaya (a prestigious lawyer that left his law office to fully pursue art) creates unique figures exclusively using Lego pieces.

The Alt Experience team would like to share some photographs, with respective commentaries, of the works that we saw while visiting the exposition. We also encourage you to visit before June 12, the final day that the exhibition is available in Barcelona.

The exposition begins with small, yet surprising objects: skulls, pencils, a globe and even a computer. Sawaya shows his incredibly creative and artistic talents from the start.

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