Orihuela, tu pueblo y el mío


Panoramic view of Vega Baja | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández

“In Orihuela, your town and mine…”. That’s how Elegía a la muerte de Ramón Sijé, o “Ramón Sijé’s Eulogy,” one of the most famous poems by Orihuela-born (Alicante) writer Miguel Hernández.

Orihuela, the capital of Vega Baja, is a town with more than 91,000 inhabitants that is situated in the southeastern region of the peninsula within the autonomous community of Valencia, bordering Murcia. As the sixth highest-populated city in the community, its historic cultural heritage stands out, considered as living history of the Mediterranean.

Other notable features of the city include: its old town (considered monumental as a whole), its Semana Santa (Easter, or sacred week) celebrations, the celebration of its Reconquista festival and its high-quality beaches.

Below, we present you with a few of the more characteristic views of the city, thanks to collaboration with photographer Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández.


Bridge of the West | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


Diocesan Seminary | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


View of the bell towers | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


Historic University of Santo Domingo | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


Church of the Saints Justa y Rufina | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


Santo Domingo Tower | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


The Patio of the Orihuela Cathedral | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández


The City’s Windmill | Francisco Javier Meseguer Hernández 


Translated by: Kirstin Meyerhoeffer

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