Summer Essentials: Tallinn

In this post we bring you another #VacationSuggestion. In this post, we explore the best of Tallinn, the Estonian capital. Over the course of the past week, we spent two days in this fairytale city, and below, we explain what was essential for us.

  • Go to the Mirador Kohtu on Toompea Hill to enjoy the view of the Old Town.img_7723
  • Have a picnic at sunset at one of the viewpoints of the city.13906909_10153617099412041_1900665506337231127_n
  • If you want to feel like you’re in Game of Thrones, have dinner at the medieval Olde Hansa restaurant. The best thing is their elk soup.13882239_10153617113212041_5437315082224099114_n
  • To see the entire city from up above, the viewpoint from Olaf Church is a perfect spot.img_9276
  • For breakfast, again, you have to go for pancakes. Kompressor, in the Old Town, has some really good options.img_8206
  • If you have time, spend an afternoon lounging in one of the city’s parks.13680571_10153617098832041_5064677861052712960_n
  • Kwak Inn offers thousands of types of beer. What will your favorite be?13627188_10153617098322041_5734205893874701887_n

Tell us about your experience on social media using the hashtag #VacationSuggestion and on!

*All images have been taken by the Alt Experience team during their stay in Tallin.


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