Summer Essentials: Riga

In this post, we present you with another #VacationSuggestion. This time, we’re focusing on Riga, the capital of Latvia. We spent a lot of time here while working on an ecological guide, so have plenty of recommendations for this wonderful city. Take this as a preview of what you will see in our guide!

  • Taste black balsam, the most typical drink of Riga. The blackcurrant is the sweetest version, but each one is quite strong.img_8809
  • Have breakfast in Sefpavars Vilhelms (Skunu iela, 6) where you can choose from pancakes of different flavors and add various toppings.img_9053
  • Go on a bike tour in the Old Town.2016-07-25-photo-00001781
  • Take a cruise on the Daugava River late in the afternoon to see the sunset (bring drinks if you wish!).img_9144
  • Another way to watch the sunset from the way up is at the Skyline bar Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija (Elizabetes iela, 55).
  • Buy tons of fresh fruit from the Central Market (Negu iela, 7).img_8767
  • For those who like to explore natural parks and the outdoors in general, visit Gauja Park, about 70km from the city. While walking, you will cross some of the most beautiful places in the area.img_7618
  • For those who also want to visit the beach, Jūrmala is the place to go. Just 40km from Riga, you can arrive by bike, train or car in no time, and sunbathe and stroll along the promenade.2016-07-26-photo-00002215
  • To say goodbye and take a good memory with you, take a picture with the official RIGA sign, located alongside the Daugava River.img_7706

Tell us about your experience on social media using the hashtag #VacationSuggestion and on!

*All images have been taken by the Alt Experience team during their stay in Riga.


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