The New Concept of Popular Gyms

Barcelona Low Cost

The ability to enjoy instructor-led sport and fitness classes in gyms across Barcelona has become more complicated in recent years due to the elevated pricing of many specialized centers. However, gym lovers are in luck thanks to the growing number of “low cost” gyms that have begun to rise in popularity across the city, allowing for a large number of members to enjoy fitness activities without breaking the bank.

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McFIT Gym | Aníbal Bueno

In the past few years, gym-goers have started opting for low cost versions of fitness centers for various reasons, whether it be the economic crisis or simply due to new philosophies surrounding the selection process. On the topic of the latter, the quality-price ratio is one that’s scrutinized a little more heavily, gradually gaining the tendency of becoming a trend. This has led to the multiplication of low cost sport centers in cities across the nation and, naturally, Barcelona isn’t an exception.

With summer just around the corner, more and more people decide to introduce working out into their routine as a way of getting into shape before heading to the Barceloneta on a daily basis. Many of them don’t plan on continuing their membership for more than a few months, seeing as spending less money is ideal. However, the low price is a definite incentive for those that do indeed decide to continue hitting up the gym for the rest of the year. And we can’t forget that this is obviously an important factor for habitual goers as well, seeing as they have the chance to frequent the gym without clearing their wallet on a monthly basis. This being said, something to keep in mind is that pricing isn’t always the ultimate determining factor, as many gyms offer the same monthly rate and very few have managed to lower the standard price.

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Clients of low cost gyms across Barcelona confirm that having the same service that they had prior in other centers, but paying half the price, is very important to them. They also mention that they don’t mind having to give up a few special services or perks, or paying a small amount for showers due to the fact that it all comes out in the wash thanks to the low pricing. In addition, they can also choose to attend virtual classes, which helps gyms extend their hours (some are open 24/7) and aids in cost reduction, as less monitors are needed.

There are tons of low cost fitness centers and varying offers in the capital city, and it seems that they only keep growing, stretching to nearly each and every neighborhood. Some are chains that have extended across Spain, while others are small businesses that have adopted the low cost philosophy and have been able to develop a following. The more central neighborhoods of Barcelona are those which generally tend to have a larger number of centers, giving neighbors and residents the ability to select which gym best suits them.

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Map of Gyms in Barcelona | Aníbal Bueno

There are also some nearby suburbs of Barcelona (L’Hospitalet or Sta. Coloma) that offer such centers as well, thanks to the fact that they’re becoming more and more popular. And within the city of Barcelona, there’s a huge variety: gyms that are open 24 hours like Bcn-Fitness, ones complete with a Spa and Relax zone like Eixample Fitness, and ones like McFit, which have incorporated a large array of virtually-led activities displayed on large screens. All of this is available in centers that boast monthly prices not rising above 20 euros.

Without a doubt, it’s a great moment for Barcelona residents to enjoy attending the gym for a good price.

Below, we leave you with an informative chart detailing all of these gyms.


Informative Gym Chart | Aníbal Bueno, Minerva Serrano

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.13.18 PM

Translated by: Kirstin Meyerhoeffer

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