La Barceloneta Seen Through a Lens

On Wednesday, May 18th, classes were conducted a little differently. We met in Barcelona’s fishing neighborhood,”la Barceloneta,” and thanks to Artisal’s direction, felt like professional photographers for a day. As students of the Masters in Travel Journalism at UAB, we spent hours capturing priceless faces, gestures, moments and experiences.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the incredible visions captured in the Barcelona neighborhood by the Alt Experience team.

MinervaSB 3

La espera | Minerva Serrano


Welcome Home | Kirstin Meyerhoeffer


Tapiz ambulante | Anibal Bueno

balcón barceloneta

De ir por casa | Balma Cabrera

Juliana. Un instante en la Barceloneta

Momento en la Barceloneta | Juliana Maese

Capas de viento (Julio)

Capas de viento | Julio Arreaza


Paseo entre callejones | Federica Zolla


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