A Sunday Tasting of Octopus

A sunny Sunday is the perfect day to get lost among Barcelona’s unique neighborhoods, el Raval in particular. Strolling through one of its narrow side streets, Calle Botella to be exact, the sound of electronic music and the rich smell of octopus rise. You’ve reached the perfect place to enjoy your weekend – and in a uniquely different way.


Platitos de pulpo | Pulpada Electrónica

Last Sunday, April 10th, crowds gathered in Restaurante Arume to celebrate the 20th edition of Pulpada Electrónica, a special and lively event in which the best of Galician octopus and electronic music are combined. The musically gastronomical event began at 1 p.m. and lasted until around 4 p.m.


Calle Botella, Raval | Pulpada Electrónica


Restaurante Arume | Pulpada Electrónica

The prices were very affordable and for 5 euros, you could snag a tasty plate of potatoes and octopus prepared Galician-style, or one brimming with chorizo or sepia croquetas; each and all were delicious. Also available were pieces of bread to be used “fare scarpetta” style – also known as soaking up the remaining delicious sauce used to flavor the octopus meat. And on top of this, the deal included a yummy vermouth! What more could you want out of a Sunday afternoon?


Platos de pulpo con patatas y pan | Pulpada Electrónica


Vermouth 2 euros | Pulpada Electrónica

Guests of all ages visited to enjoy the divine food, company and music, not to mention the top-quality weather. In fact, the festival began inside the restaurant and gradually moved outdoors, ending with everyone in the street as the energy grew.

The ambience and environment created by the event ended up being very fun, positive and enjoyable, and seeing as it repeats on a monthly basis, we invite you to participate in the next edition (especially if you missed the first ones!).

Enjoy the Sunday in an ALTernative way!


Translated by: Kirstin Meyerhoeffer

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