Riga, an Unknown Treasure

Alt Experience, along with other groups of the 5th edition of UAB’s Master in Travel Journalism, met for one of the most awaited sessions throughout the course: that of the destination lottery. Glasgow, Berlin, Sofia, Naples, Riga and Marrakech were the proposed sites and everyone was full of nerves, ready to launch their travel projects.

We were selected to draw as the fifth of six teams. With only Riga and Naples left, we had a fifty-fifty chance of selecting the location we knew we’d love to spend our travel time and, as fate, luck or whatever else may have it, Fede hurriedly opened the envelope to flash us the name of the Latvian capital, RIGA!


Travel to Riga

As the cabinet of professors and journalists demonstrated to us in their video presentation of the lottery, our destination is “an unknown treasure that is hidden inside a chest full of stories.” Their challenge to us is to look for this treasure, find it (naturally) and then, to identify the magic words with which we can explain it to the world. We hope that through our final project we may be able to take you on a virtual journey through this captivating city.

We will explore Latvia’s most well-kept secrets over the course of the second two weeks of July, and will simultaneously be working on our travel guide, to be presented upon the conclusion of the master. In addition, we will be developing a juicy story related to Latvian gastronomy.

We hope to bring justice to our name by making this trip an authentically alternative experience, both for us and for you. Be sure not to miss out on anything in this section of our blog so that you stay up to date on each and every great happening involved with our incredible journey.


Alt Experience


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